Simple Steps

To improve your understanding, please make yourself familiar with blockchain terminology. Below is essentially a checklist of tasks you have to do to get started with Qwertycoin.

Wallet Address and Critical Information

A user must generate a wallet address in order to use QWC blockchain from available QWC wallets. There are various types of wallets you can choose including Paper wallet, CLI wallet, GUI wallet, Web wallet and Mobile wallet. Make sure to keep a record of the following information before using the blockchain. 1. Private Key (Critical) 2. Mnemonic Seeds (Critical) 3. Wallet Address 4. Wallet File (Not provided by Paper Wallet) The information marked (Critical) shall not be shared with anyone but yourself. If you lost both critical information and wallet file, you are not able to gain access to your funds stored in respective wallet address. At all times, do not private key or mnemonic seeds with anyone.

Setting Up a New Wallet Address

You can generate a wallet address from wallets.

To view a list of them, their interface and a brief description, as a well as guides on how to use them, you can check this guide.

Start Mining Qwertycoin

Mining is essentially the process of using your computer to help verify and secure a cryptocurrency network, in our case, it is the Qwertycoin network. By doing this, you will be rewarded with Qwertycoin.

If you want to learn about crypt-currencies, mining is a great place to start!

To view an in-depth guide on how to mine Qwertycoin, you can view this guide

Start Trading Qwertycoin

Qwertycoin coin is currently available for trading on exchanges with several different trading pairs.

You can learn how to trade Qwertycoin here.

Track the Price of Qwertycoin

You can track the price of Qwertycoin across a number of cryptocurrency listing websites. Some of those top listings are:


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