Web Wallet

You will have two options for using the Qwertycoin web wallet. You can create a new wallet or you can import an existing one.

Option 1: Creating a New Wallet Address

1. Generate a Wallet Address

Go to the website here and click the 'Create' button at the top right of the web page.

Once the wallet is done being generated it will prompt you to enter a password to protect your wallet. Enter a secure password and confirm it then press the 'Use this password' button.

2. Save Private Credentials

You have two options to save the credentials that grant a full access to your wallet address. You can download a PDF copy that contains QR codes for your keys or you can write down your 'Private Key' and 'Mnemonic Phrase' on a piece of paper.

Whichever you choose, make sure that you store it in a safe location. DO NOT SHARE THESE WITH ANYONE! Otherwise they would be able to steal your cryptocurrency.

Once you have saved your private keys press the 'I understand. Continue.' button.

Interacting with Your Wallet

From the account home page you are able to do a number of things such as:

  • Send and receive Qwertycoin

  • Export your wallet

  • Change wallet settings (ex. change wallet update speed, change wallet password, delete wallet)

  • Check network stats

  • Donate to help fund web wallet and Qwertycoin development

Option 2: Importing an Existing Qwertycoin Wallet Address

1. Import Wallet Credentials

Go to the website here and click the 'Import a wallet' button at the top right of the webpage.

2. Choose an Import Method

You can import an existing wallet from your private keys, wallet file, mnemonic phrase or from a QR code.

Once you have made your choice you will be asked to create and confirm a password to protect your wallet and choose a height to sync the blockchain from. Also, depending on your choice, you will be asked to enter your keys, mnemonic phrase, attach wallet file, or scan QR code.

Once you have entered the required information you can press 'Import'. You will then be able to interact with your Qwertycoin wallet.

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