Fix Sync Issues

  • Your Daemon stuck?

  • Your GUI Wallet stuck?

  • You see errors like these: - One of outputs for one of inputs have wrong tx.unlockTime = 269549 - Failed to handle_output for output no = 3, with absolute offset 103181 - Failed to get output keys for tx with amount = 0.01000000 and count indexes 4 - Failed to check ring signature for tx ace343256581b8e130[..]f109de8de

  • Your Node is not sync with network height?

How to Fix Sync Issue

The simplest way is to add an additional checkpoint to your Qwertycoin Daemon. If you're a Node- or a Pool owner you can copy a Checkpoint from here and paste it in a new line in your CryptoNoteCheckpoints.h under /qwertycoind/global/ folder. After saving the file you must build your project again.

You can start the Qwertycoin Daemon with a Checkpoint using --load-checkpoints arg Command. If you have a stuck GUI Wallet you have to quit it first and download the CLI client to continue. You can download the CLI here.

Download a checkpoint from here and start your Daemon with --load-checkpoints checkpoint.csv command. Please read our article about starting the daemon with checkpoints from CSV:

Start Daemon with additional Checkpoint

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