Load Checkpoints

You can start your Qwertycoin Daemon (>= 5.0.1) with a CSV which contains at least 1 Checkpoint. This can be useful to solve synchronization problems.

A checkpoint is the combination of block height and the associated block hash. You can find these informations on our Explorer: https://explorer.qwertycoin.org

Under Recent blocks you will find the Blocks and the corresponding Hashes. This is an example Checkpoint: 269588,dd0e5f6232fde383e8249dfefb3d1d8e60834cac0edeeb26ce3179ee7fbbe7c6

We have provided an API which automatically creates the most recent block in checkpoint format. You can choose between a single line that you can use to create the CSV yourself, or you can download a CSV file – checkpoint (CSV Export) by following below instruction.

How to start Daemon with checkpoint.csv

  1. Save this checkpoint.csv in the folder with your qwertycoind.exe

  2. Open a CMD or a Terminal and launch your Daemon with the following command: qwertycoind --load-checkpoints checkpoint.csv

  3. Your Daemon launch and you will see a message like this: Loading checkpoints from file... Loaded 1 checkpoint from checkpoint.csv

  4. Your daemon will now sync without an error to the checkpoint height. If the error occurs again, repeat steps 1 to 5 with new checkpoint.

  5. Done

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